Girls Ejaculate too, Mate


There are two types of people in this world: people who wonder about female ejaculation and liars who say they don’t. Here are the facts.

During orgasm, anywhere from 10-40% of women involuntarily release anywhere from one to five ounces of fluid, a phenomenon also known as “squirting.”

Fun Fact: The U.K. banned pornography with scenes featuring female ejaculation in 2014.                                  

For centuries, it’s been debated whether the fluids released during orgasm were urine or not, and only recently was it discovered that the answer is both yes and no.

Some women report very little liquid emission during orgasm, anywhere from 2-4mL of a milky substance, while others report much greater amounts. A study conducted by Samuel Salama in Le Chesnay, France, used ultra-sound imaging combined with chemical analysis of the ejaculate to find what it’s truly made of.

In the study, women who reported squirting large amounts were asked to provide a urine sample before undergoing an ultra-sound to confirm that their bladders were empty. Then, with the help of their partners, they began sexual stimulation to the point of near-orgasm, at which researchers performed another ultrasound and found that the women’s bladders had shown significant filling. They then continued the stimulation until orgasm and ejaculation, after which a final orgasm showed that their bladders had once again emptied.

A chemical evaluation of the ejaculate showed that two of the seven women’s emissions were solely urine, while the other five women’s were a mixture of urine and prostate-specific androgen (PSA), a form of natural lubricant produced in a woman’s Skene’s glands – the equivalent of a female prostate.

Basically, the larger the fluid emission, the more likely it is to contain urine. Strong evidence exists that a small percentage of the volume is comprised of PSA, but it’s not yet known if the overlap of PSA and urine demonstrated by the women in the study is a common occurrence.

An international survey of women who were capable of ejaculating concluded that four of five stated that squirting enriched their sex lives, regardless of the volume of emissions.

Keep in mind, women are most likely to ejaculate:
1.     During continued clitoral/vulva stimulation
2.     In a relaxed and comfortable state
3.     Right after eating no less than 3 Gazmic Crepe Cookies

So place your order, light some candles, and have some fun - just make sure you stay hydrated.