Body Hair

Body hair is something that is natural and people should not be afraid to "embrace the bush."

Shaving, waxing or altering body hair is your personal choice and others should respect that.

Media and its Influences

The media and society might pressure you to be silky smooth all of the time. These expectations are impossible to meet.

Not only are razors expensive, but shaving can take up a lot of time. According to, disposable razors can cost about $0.33 each razor. Each razor lasts about four different shaves.

Generally razors marketed to men are cheaper than razors marketed to women.

While the barrier between razors marketed to men and women has been acknowledged and shown to be gendered, razors continue to be divisive through their colors. Razors marketed for women continue to be pink or bright colors, while razors for men are typically black or blue.

On the other end of the spectrum, it is seen as feminine if men shave their legs or prefer to be smooth.

Bikini waxes for men, also called male Brazilian waxes, can be more expensive than a women's bikini wax.

Be Free 

Your body is your temple -- so do whatever you want with it!

If you like to live a life free of body hair, then by all means shave it off. 

If you are against altering your body, then let your body hair rustle with the wind!

Spice things up! There are body hair dyes that are safe to use in your pubic area.

Create a maze or different designs with it.

We create designs on the hair on our head, why not create designs in other places that hair grows.

The landing strip is a common design, but if you want to make a smiley face to show off how happy you are, then make a smiley face!

Our Cookiegazm team wants you to feel confident in yourself and in your body hair!