To Serve and Protect

Although there are many forms to prevent Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) or pregnancy, we're going to focus on the use of condoms.

If you are intimate with someone and they are not respecting your want for them to wear a condom, you should consider the risks before having unprotected sex with them.

There are two different types of condoms, one for men and one for women. In all sexual practices, it is safest to use condoms as a measure to prevent STDs.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), an estimated 20 million new infections occur yearly in the U.S.

While the amount of people you have been sexually active with doesn't matter, what matters is if any of them carry an STD that could possibly be transmitted to you.

It is often described as being in sexual contact with every person that you have had sexual contact with.

For example, if you have had sexual contact people with 2 people and they have each had sexual contact with 2 other people, you will have had sexual contact with 6 people.

This example shows that regardless of how many people you have had sexual contact with, if they have had sexual contact with someone who has an STD, you have a risk of contracting it.


You can tell if someone has an STD by just looking at them. FALSE.
STD's can be contracted to anyone, regardless of the way they look.

If I've had an STD, I can't get HIV. FALSE.

If you have contracted an STD you are more likely to contract HIV in the future.


Use condoms: Be sure that you use them correctly.

Get vaccinated: If you are pro-vaccination, there are vaccines that can help prevent hepatitis B and HPV.

Talk about it: Talk to your partner about STD's and their sexual history.

Get checked: If you are engaging in sexual activity it is recommended to get checked for STDs.

Stay safe: The safest way to prevent STDs is to not engage in sexual activity. 


Some people get squeamish when talking about their periods or bodily fluids, but periods are completely healthy and natural.

Here are some ways women take care of their period!

Period Cups:

Period cups are an up and coming way for women to use during their period.

These cups are folded and inserted into the vagina. They seem to be more practical for days you're spending at home or where you'll be at home to take it out.

Period products can be expensive, especially over a large span of time. (Like maybe the 40+ years you might have it for.)


Pads are recommended to wear overnight, if you are a tampon user during the day.

Some pads have wings on them! These wings are adhesive and allow you to keep the pad in place throughout the day or night.

Like tampons, pads come in different sizes depending on how heavy your period is.

Pads are also recommended for period newcomers to use.


Tampons generally have a plastic or a cardboard applicator. There are some that don't have an applicator, it just requires more work to insert.

Some women prefer to wear these when they are working out, going to the pool or when they expect to be more physically active.

While tampons are an easy way to clean up, they are not healthy to constantly be used while on your period.

Vaginas need breaks and room to breathe. If a tampon is left in for a long period of time, a woman can develop a bacterial infection, Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS).

A way to help you remember when to change your tampon, is to set alarms or to incorporate it into your schedule.


We crave things: For the most part, women crave foods while on their period. So let us eat the entire box of cookies and don't judge us for it.

We get cramps: Keep in mind that some women have to take off of work or school because of how painful their cramps can be. There are even some women who get pre-menstrual cramps and some who might not get symptoms of cramps at all.

Our periods are different: Some women's period don't last 7 days and others might last more than 7 days. If your period for an unusually long period of time, we recommend talking to a doctor about it.

BTW -- Just because a woman is upset doesn't mean she's on her period.

Body Hair

Body hair is something that is natural and people should not be afraid to "embrace the bush."

Shaving, waxing or altering body hair is your personal choice and others should respect that.

Media and its Influences

The media and society might pressure you to be silky smooth all of the time. These expectations are impossible to meet.

Not only are razors expensive, but shaving can take up a lot of time. According to, disposable razors can cost about $0.33 each razor. Each razor lasts about four different shaves.

Generally razors marketed to men are cheaper than razors marketed to women.

While the barrier between razors marketed to men and women has been acknowledged and shown to be gendered, razors continue to be divisive through their colors. Razors marketed for women continue to be pink or bright colors, while razors for men are typically black or blue.

On the other end of the spectrum, it is seen as feminine if men shave their legs or prefer to be smooth.

Bikini waxes for men, also called male Brazilian waxes, can be more expensive than a women's bikini wax.

Be Free 

Your body is your temple -- so do whatever you want with it!

If you like to live a life free of body hair, then by all means shave it off. 

If you are against altering your body, then let your body hair rustle with the wind!

Spice things up! There are body hair dyes that are safe to use in your pubic area.

Create a maze or different designs with it.

We create designs on the hair on our head, why not create designs in other places that hair grows.

The landing strip is a common design, but if you want to make a smiley face to show off how happy you are, then make a smiley face!

Our Cookiegazm team wants you to feel confident in yourself and in your body hair!


Are you a big spoon or a little spoon?

Cuddling is good for the soul and relieves us from stress. It can be a very intimate and personal activity.

We can cuddle with our significant others, family, pets or our stuffed animals.

We asked our fellow Gazmers on our Twitter @Cookiegazm if they are a big spoon or a little spoon.

100 % percent of Twitter Gazmers voted as being big spoons.

 A big spoon is a person who is cuddling the other. While a little spoon is the one being cuddled.


It may sound silly to ask for advice on how to cuddle, but don't be afraid to ask or do some research.

Take the weather temperature into consideration, if you're cuddling in the winter time, you might want to be bundled up in blankets and have warm hot chocolate at arm's reach.

You don't have to be productive while cuddling. While you are more than welcome to cuddle while watching a movie, reading or studying; try cuddling in complete silence.

This will allow you to relax and feel a deeper connection to the person you are cuddling with.

If you plan on watching a movie and cuddling, have some snacks on hand, like popcorn or cookies.

Communicate! Talk to the person who you're cuddling with.

If you want to try something new with your cuddling, you can start off by switching positions.

While it's easy to stick with what you know, if you're having a rough day and want to be held -- be the little spoon!

It's great being a little spoon and being held by someone who cares about you.

Cuddling also has no age limit. A phrase we hear too often is "Kids grow up so fast."

Cuddle with your kids, nieces or nephews when they eat breakfast and watch their morning cartoons.

Mix it Up

If it's a beautiful day outside, head out to the beach or lay on a hammock and cuddle. 

It feels refreshing to cuddle outdoors and feel a cool breeze brush you skin.

Cuddle in the bed of a truck and star gaze or cuddle up when you wait in hour-long lines at 4 a.m. on Black Friday.

You can always cuddle up with a box of cookies!

Self-care Tips:

Show Yourself Some Love

You don't need a special holiday to take care of yourself mentally, physically and emotionally.

Here are some tips on how to "Show Yourself Some Love":


Out with the old and in with the new!

Exfoliate your skin to encourage the production of new skin cells.

You can find different recipes on Pinterest that you can use for your skin type.
Face Masks:

Whether you DIY or buy, get a face mask to hydrate your skin. 

A face mask will help your skin feel rejuvenated!

It's important to listen to your skin and what it needs. 

Drink Water:

Last minute breakouts aren't fun, neither is being dehydrated.

Be sure to drink plenty of water and apply this to your daily routine, not just for special occasions.

Make that Appointment:

Adulting is hard. It's easy to get caught up in your life and to avoid taking care of yourself.

So schedule that appointment you've been dreading to make.
Treat Yo Self:

Whether you want to splurge on a box of cookies or on something you've always wanted -- show yourself some love.

Get a journal and write down your thoughts and goals. This will help you organize your ideas and express your emotions.

It may not seem like these steps are difficult tasks to do, but ask yourself when was the last time you completed any of these.


While Sept. 23rd is National Single's Day, Valentine's Day can be a reminder that you're single.

We all have friends who spend Valentine's Day differently. We might even spend Valentine's Day differently every year -- depending on if Cupid struck us with love or not.

We all have friends who watch sappy rom-com's and end up ugly crying the night away:

We have friends who stuff their faces with sweets:

We have friends who go watch 50 Shades of Grey alone:


We have friends who "Shop Till They Drop" their feelings away:

Those friends who have "Just One Glass":

Whatever way you're spending your Valentine's Day, our Cookiegazm team hopes your heart is filled and your tummy is full!

First Kisses

Pucker up!

We all experience our first kisses at a different age.

Contrary to what some may believe, there is no right or wrong way to kiss.

Our Cookiegazm team hopes that your first kiss was memorable!   

First kisses can be magical and make us feel butterflies in our tummy.

Kissing in the rain can make us feel like we're in a movie.

Kissing isn't always magical. Its can be awkward for different reasons.

Maybe you were extremely nervous or sneezed in the middle of kissing.

Maybe you got mono from your first kiss (yes this actually happens!).

Or maybe all of these scenarios happened to you and you believe your first kiss was just as magical.

Whatever the case may be, first kisses are what you make of it. They can be monumental moments or can be blown out of proportion.

How to Kiss

Every one has their own preferences on how they like to be kissed, or if they even like being kissed at all.

Some like to have their lips bitten and some feel like their lips might be snatched off.

Other like to use lots of tongue, a little bit or even none.

Some like to show PDA and others are completely against it.

Don't be afraid to talk to the person you want to kiss to discuss how they liked to be kissed.

Practice Makes Perfect!

Ever practiced kissing? It seems awkward to ask someone if you can practice on them.

A cookie wouldn't say no to those lips! Pucker up those lips with your favorite Cookiegazm cookie!

Sexual Frustration is a Killer



Lots of things in life are frustrating: phone bills, dishes, especially those incompetent customer service employees that work for your local cable company and don’t speak a word of English – but none are as frustrating as wanting sex and not getting it. Better known as sexual frustration, this phenomenon has recently been found to cause several health problems in its sufferers, as if being sex-deprived wasn’t bad enough already.

In a 2014 study at the University of Michigan, researchers genetically modified male fruit flies to have them secrete female sex hormones. The other, non-modified males around them were turned on 24/7 by the hormones, but not a single female was in sight.

These sexually frustrated flies "experienced rapid decreases in fat stores," showed signs of stress more often than usual, and ultimately lived shorter lives than their counterparts who were getting lucky on the regular. Similar results were found in female fruit flies, as well as in longer-living species like mice.

There is a cure, though – sex. Lots of it. Mating “partially reversed the negative effects on health and aging” in all studies performed, which basically means that sex is not only fun, but helps slow aging and reduce stress. Like our cookies. Sex and cookies – the recipe to a great night and a long, healthy life.



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